Top Tree Trimming and Removal Tools 

Trimming or pruning is not an easy job. It requires the skill and knowledge about a tree’s structure and specie in order to do it right. Tree care service contractors are professionals who are well-trained in this kind of job; their expertise range from trimming, pruning, tree removal, treating of tree diseases and many more. A tree care business like Mariette tree removal uses tools and equipment to carry out their jobs, equipment which they should be very well-trained to use.  

If you have worked on pruning and trimming jobs for a while, it’s more likely that you can pull off this task on your own home. However, you should still need to have the proper equipment. When you buy one, you should read product reviews so the equipment would be of use after many years. To give you ideas of what to buy, the following are the most common tools for tree trimming.  


1. Pole Tree Pruners 

A pole pruner is best to own if you need to trim small to medium-size trees. With this tool, you don’t have too climb a ladder and bring some tools with you. If you don’t have the right balance to be on top of a ladder, a pole pruner would be of great help.  

2. Electric Chain Saw 

A chain saw always comes to our minds whenever we think of tree trimming equipment, because it’s true. However, there are many types of chain saw to choose from. There is a gas-powered chainsaw which is fueled with oil/gas mix. Now because of technology, there is also an electric one which you will just plug in and use.  

3. Battery Powered Chainsaw 

Another kind of chainsaw is a battery-powered one. Despite of the many advantages of gas-powered and electric-powered chainsaw, other people are discouraged to buy one, it’s because of the cord. Imagine doing a job while you still have to drag a cord around. It’s a hassle on your part and also very dangerous. If you want the best chainsaw, there are battery-powered chainsaw which gives you a lot of convenience when slicing through limbs.  

4. Wood Chippers 

You will need wood chippers to cut the branches and limbs into manageable lengths. After doing the pruning and trimming, you could just set out a bunch of branches for the town crew to take. Another advantage of having wood chippers is that you can make your own mulch instead of buying wood-chip mulch every day.  

5. Axes 

For removing trees, axes are the most trusted and oldest tools. It is sharp and very easy to use. You can easily maneuver it because of its small handle. A double-sized axe is used for cutting down the trees while the pick axe can pry tree roots from the soil. Just sharpen the axe you have at home every time you use it.  

6. Crosscut Saws 

This equipment will require at least 2 people because each end has a handle. Before sawing the tree, each person should stand on one side of the tree and hold the saw at a 45 degree angle.  

7. Stump Grinders 

After removing the tree, you need to remove its stump. Stumps are difficult to remove that’s why an equipment like stump grinder should be use. It has rotating teeth that can dispose the stump and its roots.  

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Important Things to Bear in Mind When Insulating Your House  

Thermal defects don’t usually exist in every house and it also depends on a lot of varying factors like the size of the home, architecture, structure, and of course the raw material as well as the insulation method being used. Prior to receiving quotations from different insulation services in your area, consider reading this post first as it can help you know the most important things you should bear in mind when you are insulation your home. Prior to insulating your home, make sure that:  

  1. Your chosen home insulation service providers have thoroughly inspected your attic prior to giving you a quotation. Certainly, it’s not uncommon for a lot of companies to offer an estimate before they even inspected or simply visited the attic of your home.
  2. Choose a home insulation contractor that’s not utilizing only blowing insulation that is usually subject to fraud and often poorly executed.
  3. Always be careful not to miss a room. Most of the time, one of the big problems of homeowners when insulating their home is that some areas are missed, which results in reduced efficiency of your home. This typically happens in open chases, knee walls, walkways, as well as platforms within your attic. This is the reason why it’s important that you only hire a professional and highly reliable home insulation contractor because they are experienced and expert enough when it comes to inspecting and assessing your home prior to an actual home insulation process.
  4. Insulating your home without firstly air sealing. While it may sound like a joke to others, the truth is that it happens a lot. As a matter of fact, following a thorough home inspection, home insulation contractors need to air seal any problematic areas as well as move on the proper home insulation process.

Signs of Thermal Damages Due to Poorly Installed Attic Insulation  

If you’re experiencing these situations it’s actually a clear sign that you already have to install a proper installation system in your attic or if you have an existing one, consider replacing it.   

  1. Rooms located below the attic usually get too cold or too hot at certain times of a year
  2. Air drafts inside the home
  3. Even though you have already insulated the rest of your home, like your doors or windows, you are still getting high energy bills
  4. The joists of an attic floor are visible between or above an existing attic insulation
  5. An attic insulation with a thin layer of less than ten inches
  6. Attic ducts are visible or are exposed above the insulation’s thin layer

For all your home insulation needs, it is highly recommended that you only hire a professional and highly reliable home insulation service provider. This is due to the fact that Peoria insulation experts are knowledgeable and skilled enough on how to install or repair a home insulation using the best methods and techniques as well as highest quality tools and materials in order to make sure that the entire insulation process of your house is done properly and professionally.  


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